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Accessing Folders Remotely

It is now possible to remotely connect to your personal (H drive) and public (P drive) folders using a system called WebDAV. WebDAV can be used on any operating system.

Instructions on how to setup WebDAV for the most popular operating systems are shown below. If your operating system is not shown, the chances are you can still use WebDAV - please read "other operating systems" within setup instructions for more information.

Your remote drives

Personal (H drive): Unknown

Public (P drive):

The links above are your WebDAV links which provide access to your folders. You will need these when following the setup instructions.

Setup instructions

Please select your operating system for instructions for how to use the remote drive access

Microsoft Windows 7
Microsoft Windows 8
Apple Mac OS X
Other operating systems (including Linux)

Retrieving and editing files

Although you can open, edit and save files directly from your remote folder, this is not recommended. This is because not all software applications are "WebDAV aware", and you could be asked to enter your password multiple times and have general issues with opening, editing and saving.

The recommended option is to copy/download the file onto your local PC, edit and save the file locally and then drag it back onto the remote folder. This should be quicker to work with and allows you to retain the previous version on the remote folder as a backup.

Retrieving and editing files on Campus

If you are on Campus then you do not need to use WebDAV. When you login, your H and P drives are automatically mapped for you and are accessible when you click on My Computer on the desktop.

If your WebDAV access is still not working

If you are having difficulty in connecting to the remote folder, then you should check that your operating system is fully patched and up to date (for example, by running Windows Update). Check that your anti-virus software or firewall is not blocking WebDAV.

If you still cannot connect, then you may need to use a third-party tool which manages the connection. Tools such as BitKinex or NetDrive (for Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7) or DAVFS2 (for Linux) can both manage your WebDAV remote folders with little or no configuration, and may provide more information when attempting to troubleshoot your problem. They also come with a lot more functionality sometimes! Do a search for the above tools or "WebDAV clients".